"... like an episode of HOUSE just waiting to happen."
- Warren Ellis

"... like an incomplete sketch of a human being."
- Geoff Vasile




Professional site: SLY EYE FOX
Tumblr blog: RNFOX.TUMBLR
Twitter: FOXRA
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She tells stories constantly, performs always, writes sometimes, draws infrequently, paints occasionally, models rarely, and photographs often. The ratio between these activities vacillates wildly.

She can be contacted by email at:
rachaelnoel @ gmail.com



Hatched three months early and weighing 2.5 pounds, Rachael Noel Fox entered the world, and against all medical odds, survived. Childhood weekends were spent falling asleep under a starry sky of glow-in-the-dark stickered ceiling to the sounds of Dad's rock-n-roll band practice next door, while weekdays had her tagging along in a photographic dark room, or to fine art classes at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art with Mom. By age seven Fox was drawing charcoals of nude models, sitting for portrait classes, absorbing the advice of artists such as James McGinley, and was cast for a sculpture installation directed by (the artist of questionable integrity) Grigory Gurevich which, now bronzed, still stands in Newark Penn Station. 

During this time, Fox also briefly modeled for the Ford agency, and still has regretful memories of wrecking her audition for a Hello Kitty commercial due to enthusiastic over-exuberance. She spent the next eight years dedicated to studying and performing theatre acting. Her life's goal: to move to London and someday be cast as a companion on Doctor Who. Sadly, Doctor Who was cancelled during her grade school years.

It was also during this time that her internal framework and wiring started to crumble, and the pain and health issues began. The adolescence and early adulthood that followed were... interesting.

Fox relocated to New York City in her early 20's. Her once constant and beloved activities of reading, writing, and drawing slowed to an occasional crawl. It was during this period of artistic anorexia that she happened upon a digital camera left behind in a Manhattan cafe. Photography became her newest artistic outlet and constant companion, her health very often an unfortunate source of inspiration. 

She is a work in progress. Her expiration date is unknown.